Get thy pasty self outside!

Good Morning! Yesterday was a beach day for my brain. I was bored and played a couple of hours of on-line Bingo, which is the intellectual comparison of day drinking. Yup, my brain called in for an off day, went to the beach, put up its toes, and went to sleep. Some days are like that – and yesterday was definitely one. The good news is I won four games. Yay me! Kicking old lady Bingo butt. I’m a bad assed Bingo chick. But I'm feeling a little guilty about being such a slug.  

To break the boredom, I’ve made a plan. I’ve decided it’s not going to get any cooler, and this weekend Peter and I need to go exploring. I’ve got loads of change collected for the bus, and have plotted a route (some 26 bus stops away). We can go to the Botanic Gardens and have a look around. I think it’s a hike that will take about 2 hours. Or – we could go a bit further to the MacRichie Trail, and hike for up to 11 miles, which (at our speed) could take half the day.  Oh, who am I kidding?  The only way I'd cover 11 miles in this heat would be if I walked an hour, and paid someone to drive me back to the bus stop. The Botanic Gardens are looking better already. Either way we’ll sweat buckets, but we need to get outside and see some of this little island.

I’m always a bit nervous about these things. Seems I frequently bite off more athletic activity than I really want to do. I haven’t told Peter my plan yet, but I’ve got the backpacks ready with water, snacks, extra socks, and I've got the Singapore equivalent to 911 into speed dial.  It’s not a race, and we'll be fine, unless, of course, Peter convinces me it's a stupid idea. 

That's really my last chance - I wouldn't take a lot of convincing.  :)


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