Tale of the Magic Hairbrush (email conversation with my sister)

Me: Hey, sis, have you ever heard of an electric (battery operated) ion emitting hair brush? They are recommended here for battling the ever-present humidity, but I can't find one! I think I could get one in England, and may have to order it sent to my sister-in-law or my daughter-in-law, but I'm wondering why these magic brushes aren't sold anywhere else??

JR: I have no knowledge of magic hairbrushes but - I have people. We will get the scoop and send!

Me: Grr! They've hidden the damn magic hairbrush! It's a racist plot - trying to keep the white girls down. Singapore is lovely, if I could solve this one, simple, issue. I may be forced to take drastic (and expensive) measures. There is a treatment called a Brazilian Blowout (not to be confused with the nether region fancy hairdo nor aforementioned removal of), this one is priced at 300 Singapore dollars and makes some wild claims. Infuses keratin, straight hair for three to four months, not affected by humidity, blah, blah, blah. If it works its worth twice the price, but the hairbrush is much cheaper (40 English pounds, which is about 60 USD). Anyway, action must be taken soon. Situation is dire. Still waiting on our ship to come in (from India) and living in survival mode with one plate each, one cup each, one pair undies, (not really, we have a couple pair each of those). But seriously, we are living with no extras here. This is Zen at it's most basic.That's all for now. Let me know if you find a magic hairbrush on the black market. I'll pay double. (Desperate!!!)

JR: While I have still not tracked down any magic hairbrush, I am infinitely familiar with a Brazilian blowout. It was actually taken off the market here several years ago due to the excessive amounts of formaldehyde in the formula. Be careful and ask about the contents of what you're using. No need dying over your hair. The claims are true and you will have Oooh Lala hair for a few months. They have updated versions that are highly effective and not as scary.
Me: Eww. I'm not excited about the embalming of my hair and brain parts. I'll look for an alternative. Send info on recommendations. 
Such are the conversations with my sister JR.  Highly informative, largely useless, mega entertaining.  I'll let everyone know if I find the mentioned hairbrush, and fully expect you will let me know if you find it first.  :)


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