MacRichie Trail Expedition ​09/05/2015

Imagine: trekking slowly uphill, one step at a time through ten feet of snow, shoes wet, icy wind stinging your face, fingers mercifully numbed...

Yeah, that's not what happened.

Actually, it was quite a lot of fun. Peter and I left the car at about noon, and walked briskly around the MacRichie Reservoir which is 11 kilometers.  We even tried to impress some runners by jogging a bit. We would have been back in the car, sucking up the AC, by 3 o'clock, but unfortunately we took a "short cut" near the end that extended our hike.  We ended up covering 13 kilometers which is about 8 miles. Not a hugely impressive distance, but in this humidity, I considered it quite a feat.  We sweat buckets, but then, that was expected.  What wasn't expected were the frequent warning signs for "flying, venomous snakes."  FLYING??  Regular snakes aren't scary enough?  Thankfully, we didn't see any. We did pass a group of Japanese girls who (3.5 kilometers in) were begging the rest of their group to turn around and find a taxi. They were pretty amusing. We came across dozens of friendly monkeys, and enjoyed beautiful scenery. Peter nearly trod on a foot long lizard but no wildlife was injured.  We consider it a successful day's hike even though our overall pace was pretty slow - but that was mostly because we took so many piss and moan breaks.  As we acclimate to the heat, maybe we'll do better.  Next weekend: the Botanic Gardens.  


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